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Friday, September 16 2005

"Don't just give a bum a dollar - because you aren't helping him any. Everybody knows alcohol prices have increased drastically."

What's New

9-16 Well, we are trying to get TotD back and started up again. You'll see that we have a new look. Probably not an improvement - but new nonetheless. The reason for that is - it is original and custom. And as I learn HTML I will continue to incorporate my learnings into making the site better. Until later, TotD Staff.

1-7 Well fans, Greg has been in wonderful Oahu, Hawaii for 5 days now. He will be there until the end of April, going to school and enjoying the 75-degree weather. Not to fear though, as can already be seen, he is staying on top of the daily tip duty which he holds dear to his heart.

12-25 Merry Christmas everyone!!

12-6 Hello fan(s)! We would like to apologize for our inconsistency in updates. Due to our recent track record, you might want to start calling our site, "Tip of the Every Other Day or So". This has been due to technical and laziness difficulties. We hope you stick with us and hopefully we'll start doing a better job.

12-3 Greg's birthday is coming up on Sunday, December 5th. He'll be 24 and single. Send your love :-)

11-1 TotD has instituted a guest tip! Please submit your tips by clicking an e-mail link, or looking up the e-mail address in the "Contact" section.

10-30 Andrew, my best friend, has joined us here at TotD and will also be writing tips along with Greg and I. Don't get us Andrews confused though, his tips will have an (A) afterwards, mine still have nothing.

10-19 Greg, my cousin has become an official part of the TotD team. To distinguish his tips from mine, his will be followed by a (G), while mine will stay the same.

10-11 This is a brand new site. Just bookmark it, and come lighten your day with a hilarious, random, and sometimes helpful tip. Every day, a new tip is available, and you can access all the previous tips as well; all for FREE! If the popularity of this site grows, we hope to begin selling shirts and other products. Please help our site grow!